The Standard Malaysian Name for the timber of Koompassia malaccensis (Leguminosae). Vernacular names applied include impas (Sabah) and menggris (Sarawak). This is a monospecific timber. The sapwood is white or pale yellow and is sharply defined from the heartwood, which is pinkish when fresh and darkens to bright orange-red or deep brown.

Also known as Kempas (Brunei); Hampas, Impas, Kempas, Keranji, Mengeris, Mengris, Pah and Upil (Indonesia); Koompassia (Papua New Guinea); and Makupa, Sifai and Tong-bueng (Thailand).

Kempas treated with the appropriate wood preservatives is very durable even under exposed condition.  The timber is amenable to preservative treatment and it is classified as easy to treat. Texture is rather coarse but even except in areas where included phloem occurs. Grain is interlocked, often very interlocked.

ZANDT Kempas wood  Products, Typically easy to work, we will ensure the quality and availability of wood, Zandt Wood store, located in Subang Wood Store, SWS is one of the largest Independense wood Seller store with the capacity to storage, on one shift, approximately 1000 M3  of wood lumber annually. Monitored by the experienced carpenter to grading pine and cut to your size, our quality is unsurpassed in the malaysian carpentary requirement. Here are some of the amazing benefits of working with ZANDT pine product.

Zandt Will Ensure Broad of Availability for Your Use.

Kempas wood is plentifully grown Malaysian, making access and availability to this superior product widespread. At any time Zandt will keep at least 10 M3 of Kempas Lumber in our stocks.

The Price is Competitive

We got its from pur principles which own the sawmill by that way we can ensure our client will have theirs Kempas Woods with very fair price if compare to others store, the Kempas availablity is abundance which means it’s competitively priced.

Performed When Know How to Do with It.

We selected the Kempas and grading to ours client requirement but the true is strength and a high quality when finish.

The timber when treated with preservatives is suitable for all heavy constructional works, posts, beams, joists, rafters, piling, columns (heavy duty), fender supports, pallets (permanent and heavy duty), door and window frames and sills, tool handles (impact), bridges, wharves, marine construction, railway sleepers, telegraphic and power transmission posts and cross arms. When untreated, the timber is suitable for structures under cover, flooring, panelling, mouldings, vehicle bodies (framework and floor boards), plywood and charcoal manufacture. 



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